About Us

Our Philosophy

We strive to prepare our children for formal education by equipping them with self-confidence, clear understanding of concepts, igniting curiosity and creativity and a love for learning. Our approach inspires them to learn through discovery, to be collaborative and to make their own choices and decisions.

Our Key Areas

  • Mathematics: We introduce our kids to numbers, geometrical shapes, counting and other mathematical concepts through games and other play methods.
  • Public Speaking and Confidence: We encourage children to speak before everyone about their favourite fruit or toy or anything to eliminate their stage fright. We conduct various programmes to build their confidence and develop the skill of public speaking in them.
  • Logical Reasoning: We engage them in problem-solving, maths and other concepts related to the world around them to develop their reasoning ability through fun activities.
  • Self-Expression: We indulge them in story-telling and expressing their thoughts freely. Our art and music programmes allow them to be themselves and become comfortable in their learning environment. Our curriculum includes activities that ignite their curiosity and creativity.
  • Introduction to the world: We introduce them to the world around them. The basic understanding and knowledge of the animals, plants, relations, our culture, moral values, etc. are developed here.

These are a few basic areas but we strive to deliver more to our young learners through our play-based approach to make them life-long learners.

Find Out More About Us

To know more about us, you can visit us and witness the education that our children get. You can call us or book an appointment with us before your visit.